Business Consulting

To learn more about what Irish Business Solutions can do for your business, or if you have any questions, please contact Brendan Barry at, or fill out our contact form here.

At Irish Business Solutions we offer you a unique service in providing an up to date database of candidates who are committed to working in the US. You get,

• Hassle free recruiting for your business

• An account manager who will personally attend to your staffing needs

• A large data base of screened Irish employees to fill your staffing requirements

• Video recording of potential candidates

• VISA application processing through one of our partner firms

• Time & attendance systems if required.

Business Consulting

Employer Services:

We hold events and workshops all over the east coast to help owners and managers cut down on costs and increase profits. With speakers focusing on social media campaigns, managing profits, and immigration and hiring issues, we hope to encourage businesses to hire Irish workers coming to the US on working visas.

 “We’re not telling people how to run a business, we’re simply trying to give them up-to-date information, from which they can gain even that smallest 1% of profit. 1% of 1 million is $10,000.”                                                     

- Brendan Barry, Founder, CEO, Irish Business Solutions